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Nov 23, 2014
Stable Rules
Foster Swift Equine Law Blog
Boarding, lesson, and training stables have one thing in common – they all have clients and visitors on the property. For the general safety of the facility, stable managers sometimes develop and post stable rules that everyone should follow
The greatest benefit of stable rules is that they promote safety and cleanliness. Stables have every reason to expect each person who enters the facility to follow them as a condition for being allowed on the property. More info...

Nov 23, 2014
Since 1996, the Cinch ® brand has created innovative western shirts, jeans, outerwear and accessories. Now the trusted company has created a line of standout, top quality boots! More info...

Nov 20, 2014
Hiring a Horse Broker? Get a Contract
By Rachel Kosmal McCart
horse shows
When using a broker or agent to help sell a horse, a good contract describes what the parties involved are required to do and what will happen if those parties don’t fulfill their obligations.
For a horse seller’s agency contract, the document should set out what the agent is required to do (if anything) to market the horse, such as take photos, make sale videos, write and place advertisements, and the like. The contract should also state what is included in the agent’s fee and what is not.
More info...

Nov 19, 2014
Deworming your horse
Deworming horses has always been sort of like going to the dentist: You know it’s necessary, but you’d just as soon skip it. Fortunately, nowadays, worming products are convenient to administer, have proven to be safe, even for pregnant mares and baby foals.
Most horse owners have, at one time or another, asked themselves or their veterinarians these questions (Answers provided by Thomas Bello, D.V.M., Ph.D.):
Q:Is it best to alternate deworming agents at each deworming treatment so my horse will be protected from major parasites?
A:There is controversy in the veterinary profession concerning rotational deworming. According to the old school of thought, a different class of dewormer should be used at each treatment. However, some veterinarians now feel it’s okay to use one basic dewormer for a period of time, and, if necessary, complement it with treatment for bots and tapeworms. Periodic fecal tests will indicate if your dewormer is working satisfactorily. More info...

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