. The Essentials of Polo Video
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Polo is an equestrian sport played throughout the world with especially trained horses known as polo ponies. Polp requires a large grass field that is about the size of nine football fields. Goal post are stationed at either end and the objective is for the riders to hit the polo ball (bocha) with their mallot between the two posts.

The fast action makes the sport attractive to many fans. Spectators often bring their own lunches much in tha fashion of football tailgaiting. At fancy polo venues such as Wellinggon, brunch is often served featuring strawberries and champagne.

The Essentials of Polo

Watch this Informative Video About Polo.

Master the essentials of polo by watching this engaging video. Polo is an exciting and engaging sport involving rider and polo pony thundering down the polo field together. Horse and rider are equally determined to score exciting goals while avoiding aggressive defenders. With four players on a side, each player keeps at least three ponies resting to insure a fresh pony for each chucker.

Polo Video | Basics of Polo

This video does an excellent job in describing the sport of polo, the players, and the role of the polo ponies. You will learn how the sport is played as well as some of the nuances of being a great polo player.

There are sevaral very active polo clubs throughout Florida including Wellington, Ocala, and Sarasota. Check out all the Florida polo clubs. Florida Polo

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